Peniche Surfing

Peniche Surfing

960 390 Igor Kashin

After a few years in the company, I have an astonishing amount of vacation days so HR started to give me hints about the usefulness of rest. “Why Not?” was my thought and I decided to try something new in my life. After a short consideration, I booked two weeks in “Baleal Surf Camp”. I tried surfing twice before and my achievements in this sport can be classified as “I suck”. However, I had an idea what to expect.

After a couple days it became obvious that my expectations do not match reality: one thing is to flounder in white water for an hour with an instructor and another thing is purposefully practice certain activities twice a day, day by day in any swell. I started eating times more at the day two, my shoulders started to pain at the day three, my arms ached at the day four. At the day eight I didn’t feel anything at all, only storms when I went to bed. By the way, this feeling didn’t leave me for a few days after return. Long story short, surfing is a real sport, which is not easy at all. Enormous fun and a lot of new friends is just a bonus.

After two weeks of two training sessions a day I learned how to catch waves and control my board. It’s only practicing from now on… (and, of course, more paddling).

Week One

Red team is almost on the shore

Week Two

Pink team for the second week. Unfortunately not so much footage because of the swell and weather conditions.

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