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Continuous Deployment with AWS CodeCommit, Docker Swarm and Jenkins

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This article is still getting updated…

At the moment when I write this article this blog is powered by WordPress and it probably will stay like that for a long time. However, quite some time ago I moved this WordPress instance into a docker swarm along with my sandbox. What’s wrong with docker swarm? When you use only WordPress – there’s nothing. However I have a reverse proxy, a few micro services, different databases and whatsoever. It is based on different stacks as well.

It’s all nice and fun but it is too complex without fully automated deployment process. This article describes the automation that I have in place to keep all the fun and get rid of complexity.

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Peniche Surfing

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After a few years in the company, I have an astonishing amount of vacation days so HR started to give me hints about the usefulness of rest. “Why Not?” was my thought and I decided to try something new in my life. After a short consideration, I booked two weeks in “Baleal Surf Camp”. I tried surfing twice before and my achievements in this sport can be classified as “I suck”. However, I had an idea what to expect.

After a couple days it became obvious that my expectations do not match reality: one thing is to flounder in white water for an hour with an instructor and another thing is purposefully practice certain activities twice a day, day by day in any swell. I started eating times more at the day two, my shoulders started to pain at the day three, my arms ached at the day four. At the day eight I didn’t feel anything at all, only storms when I went to bed. By the way, this feeling didn’t leave me for a few days after return. Long story short, surfing is a real sport, which is not easy at all. Enormous fun and a lot of new friends is just a bonus.

After two weeks of two training sessions a day I learned how to catch waves and control my board. It’s only practicing from now on… (and, of course, more paddling).

Week One

Red team is almost on the shore

Week Two

Pink team for the second week. Unfortunately not so much footage because of the swell and weather conditions.

How to Display Hidden Files in MacOS Finder

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It’s super easy to make Finder show hidden files for you. Everything you need is to run Terminal and execute the following command:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

All your hidden files will become visible as soon as you restart finder. To have an immediate effect you can kill Finder process using the command below and start it again.

killall Finder

If you want to revert this feature just change TRUE to FALSE in the first command and execute it one more time.

Everybody Dies, Not Everybody Lives

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Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince Ea, is an American spoken word artist, poet, rapper and filmmaker. After graduating from the University of Missouri–St. Louis with a degree in Anthropology, he initially pursued a career as a hip-hop artist. Inspired by artists like Immortal Technique and Canibus, he started and popularized the “Make S.M.A.R.T Cool” movement to promote values like intelligence, free thought, unity, and creativity in hip hop music and culture.

The guy has lots of videos but I like this one the most. Seriously, just look for other videos and watch one per day, they are really great.

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